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PS4 Showcase - Classic

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  • Handcrafted work of art made from individual parts of a PS4 controller
  • Three-dimensional - apparently floating parts
  • High-quality frame for a unique gaming atmosphere
  • Made in Germany
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Pay after 30 days

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of gaming with our PS4 controller picture frame. This unique work of art presents the iconic controller in an extraordinary way: as disassembled individual parts. Look at the fascinating arrangement of the components that form the heart of the controller and let yourself be inspired by the precision craftsmanship.

The picture frame showcases the essence of the controller in its purest form, surrounded by a stylish background that reflects the passion and flair of the gaming world. Each individual component has been carefully selected and artfully arranged to create an impressive composition.

With its high-quality frame and attention to detail, this picture frame fits perfectly into any environment. Whether in the gaming room, living room or office - it becomes an eye-catcher and underlines your enthusiasm for the fascinating world of gaming.

The PS4 controller picture frame is not only a decorative element, but also an expression of the fascination for the individual components of the controller. Bring this work of art home and express your passion for gaming and the craft behind it in an impressive way. A must-have for any gamer looking to add a touch of gaming magic and precision craftsmanship to their home or office.


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Art & Gaming

Immerse yourself in the symbiosis of gaming and art with the PS4 Controller Showcase. This unique work of art captures the essence of gaming and presents it in a creative and aesthetic form. Be inspired by the powerful combination of design and play and discover the endless possibilities that unfold in this fascinating showcase.


The PS4 Controller Showcase: Sustainability and upcycling in one. An artful framework for the reused controller that reduces e-waste and showcases aesthetic design. Discover the connection between gaming and environmental awareness.



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