Classic PS5 - Broken Silver

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  • More control
  • Programmable paddles
  • Improved grip
  • Handmade in Germany
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PS5 King Controller - Master the Game with Style and Optional Quad-Curved Paddle

The PS5 King Controller sets new standards for gaming controllers, offering an unbeatable combination of elegance and performance. This controller is more than just an input device – it's your key to the ultimate gaming experience. Whether you're a dedicated esports competitor or an enthusiastic casual gamer, the PS5 King Controller will impress you and revolutionize your gaming world.

The aesthetic design of the PS5 King Controller is captivating, drawing you in with its allure. The ergonomic soft-touch surface ensures comfortable handling, making even the longest gaming sessions enjoyable. But the heart of this controller lies in the optional Quad-Curved Paddles, which enable a new level of control.

The Quad-Curved Paddles give you the ability to customize your gameplay and execute complex actions seamlessly. With these additional buttons, you can react quickly and make strategic decisions without releasing the main buttons. Whether you're engaging in intense multiplayer duels or embarking on epic solo adventures, the Quad-Curved Paddles will enhance your performance.

The advanced technology in the PS5 King Controller ensures precise and responsive control. Every movement and command is accurately captured to provide an immersive gaming experience. The Quad-Curved Paddles are ergonomically placed to allow intuitive use and optimize your playing style.

The PS5 King Controller with optional Quad-Curved Paddles is a statement of your gaming excellence. It empowers you to shape the game according to your vision and elevate your skills to a new level. The Quad-Curved Paddles are your tools for taking control and immersing yourself in the world of your favorite games.

Experience gaming at its finest with the PS5 King Controller and its optional Quad-Curved Paddles. Choose the variant that suits your playstyle and master the game with style and precision. The PS5 King Controller will captivate you and provide an unforgettable gaming experience.

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Our King Controllers come in a variety of designs. From the minimalist to the unusual. There is something for everybody. Additional buttons and functions, as well as a soft-touch grip make the controllers a special gaming experience. The color, size and shape of our swapsticks can be conveniently swapped out via Plug&Play so that the right attachments are available for every situation.


Tired of clenching your thumbs for the swap sticks? No problem, we also have the right swap sticks for your "giant paws"!


Our controllers have a special coating that ensures optimal handling. This keeps the controller in your hand even during fast-paced, intense games, and the risk of slipping is minimized.


The new Quad-Curved offer a whole new feel. They have been adapted to the handle of the controller, so that you can use the paddles without any effort, without any familiarization phase.


Tired of slipping fingers?
The grip ensures optimal support and ensures that none of your movements deviate and every reaction is spot-on.


  • PS5 Kin Controller in exclusive design
  • Swap sticks in size S




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