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  • What are these smart triggers/bumpers?

You can compare the Smart Triggers/Bumpers with a mouse click. You have a significantly shorter keystroke than conventional triggers and bumpers.

  • What do paddles bring me?

Paddles are additional buttons on the back of your controller, giving you shorter finger paths and faster reactions. Furthermore, you no longer have to move your thumbs from the swap sticks thanks to the paddles and can therefore grind dynamically through the gaming world without any problems.

  • What does remap mean?

Remap translates to "reassign". This means that if you choose a controller with a remap function, you can assign your buttons to the paddles yourself. Depending on the controller and paddle, you have the option of putting almost every button on your paddles.

  • I misplaced my instructions, how do I program the Remap Paddles?

In our footer you will find the Instructions tab, there you will find remap instructions for all paddles or just visit Instagram, where you will find the instructions as a "story highlight".

  • Can the XBOX controller be connected to the PC?

If you connect your controller to the PC via cable or Bluetooth, you can use it without any further effort.

  • Can the PS4 controller be connected to the PC?

You can connect the PS4 controller to the PC and play on it. This works via USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The official Bluetooth adapter from Sony is ideal. Since portable PCs often offer Bluetooth, it is also usually quite easy to connect the PS4 controller to laptops.

  • Can the PS5 controller be connected to the PC?

The PS5 controller can also be used on the PC with a little more effort, and you can find some emulators on the Internet.

First, open Steam and navigate to the top left. Click Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings. Connect your DualSense using either a wired or wireless connection (see below how to connect via Bluetooth). Once connected, steam will indicate that you've connected a generic controller and may even prompt you to configure it. If not, click on the device and select "Define Layout".

  • Can you turn off the LEDs?

No, this is not possible.

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