Connect the controller to the console and note whether the speaker flashes blue or red.


Red: Hold D-Pad down and X simultaneously until the speaker LED flashes red.

Blue V1: D-Pad down and X to start programming.

Blue V2: D-Pad down and right + X and square to start programming.


Red: To program, select and hold a paddle, next select the button you want to duplicate. After a short time, the LED flashes 2x. To exit programming, press the down arrow key.

Blue V1+V2: Press the desired paddle once, the LED flashes once, now press the button you want to duplicate. The LED flashes twice. To exit programming, hold down the left arrow key until the LED turns blue.


Connect your controller to your console or PC. The LED flashes green. Press and hold the touchpad for 6 seconds until the PS4 LED starts flashing. Now release the touchpad again.


Press the paddle and the button whose function you want to take over for 4 seconds. The touchpad flashes again.

Repeat "Step 2" for all keys you want to remap.


Once you're done remapping, press the touchpad once.

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